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I am here to guide you through every twist and turn of the buying process, so that you can sleep easy at night (in a home that you love ♥).

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My commitment is to be a strong advocate for you, whether you are a home buyer or home seller. My role is to apply my expertise to your home purchase or sale. 

As your real estate agent, you will know that I am straightforward, knowledgeable, supportive, and, most importantly, I am -equipped- to represent you in one of the biggest decisions of your life.

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Buying a home is more than just finding the right property. You need an expert who understands the local market and the unique challenges it faces. I have the strategies, resources, and tools to guide you from start to finish, seamlessly.

I have access to exclusive properties across Delaware.

I work with only the best home inspectors in Delaware.

I have an exclusive vendor list of companies that will help you turn your house into a home.

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Expert Advice

I will help you negotiate and secure the best possible price and terms for you. If you don’t find any home in your price range, I  suggest that it’s reasonable to look at homes that are over your maximum price range. 

This is to anticipate a potential price drop that could be negotiated. Over years of experience, I dealt with this kind of situation regularly. It’s very important that you’re available either by phone or in person in the event a counter offer is made on your offer.

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Your Guide to Delaware.

With all of the beauty that Delaware has to offer, it’s hard to find the perfect place to call home. 

My area guides simplify that process by giving you unique market, lifestyle, and demographic insights into each area!

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